Cultural Tradition of Kashmiri Hindus

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SATISAR FOUNDATION, henceforth referred to as SATF would be a voluntary, non-profit, Socio-Cultural Organization constituted of upto eleven Directors. This Board of Directors (BOD) would choose the Chairman of the Foundation and a Secretary amongst the eleven Directors. The Chairman would head the Foundation and the Secretary would run the day to day business. SATISAR FOUNDATION would be incorporated initially by a Board of Directors whose names and signatures are attached to this Constitution. This Constitution would be ratified by this Board of Directors and would then proceed to elect a Chairman, a Secretary and Director Finance and Director Public Relations.

Our Vision

To preserve and promote the age-old Values of Kashmiri Hindu Cultural tradition which includes language, philosophy, art and literature, history, sciences and the spiritual tradition.

To inculcate and strengthen pride, excellence, ethics and self- reliance in the members of the community and to strive for the socio-cultural regeneration of the Kashmiri Hindu community.

To strive for the building and sustenance of Cultural, Economic, Social and Educational institutions for the community of Kashmiri Hindus and to build resources for the Economic well-being and overall improvement of the community.

To promote and patronize budding and talented people of the community especially in Language, Arts, Philosphy, Religion, Business, Sciences and Education.


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