Cultural Tradition of Kashmiri Hindus

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SATISAR FOUNDATION, henceforth referred to as SATF would be a voluntary, non-profit, Socio-Cultural Organization constituted of upto eleven Directors. This Board of Directors (BOD) would choose the Chairman of the Foundation and a Secretary amongst the eleven Directors. The Chairman would head the Foundation and the Secretary would run the day to day business. SATISAR FOUNDATION would be incorporated initially by a Board of Directors whose names and signatures are attached to this Constitution. This Constitution would be ratified by this Board of Directors and would then proceed to elect a Chairman, a Secretary and Director Finance and Director Public Relations.


"SATISAR FONDATION" came into existence in 2001 on the Nevreh day of KP calander. "Navreh" means New ray or new life. A group of dedicated persons took an oath for the revivalism of Kashmiri Pandit culture on missionary pattern. They formulated set of Does and Don't for the Foundation directors and people who want be associated with this organizations as follows:


These Do's and Don'ts are as follows:-

a) No director / member shall hold any press briefings. (Sub. to approval by B.O.D).
b) No director / member shall take part in any political activities.
c) No director / member shall hold any responsibilities in any other organization. (Without the consent of Board of Directors).
d) No director / member shall make take part in any function, meant for his / her own Felicitation.
e) No director / member shall make any statement against other organizations or individuals Working at community level.
f) All the services and publications of Satisar Foundation shall always remain free of cost.
g) Every Director need to sign an undertaking with regard to above statement.

Satisar has earmarked 5 point Goal as priority at Social level. So, Let us follow the social code which defines our Aims & objectives as follows:-

Preserve and promote our language

a) By conversing in Kashmiri with our children and encouraging them to learn, speak and interact in Kashmiri.
b) By interacting and speaking with our fellow community brethren in Kashmiri.


1. Protect Our Identity

a) By imbibing a sense of pride in our unique social, cultural and spiritual tradition.
b) By maintaining our age old social marital order and promoting and encouraging marriages with in the fold.



a) By following the indigenous scientific lunar calendar in observing rituals, festivals special occasions etc.
b) By celebrating birthdays, rituals, religious occasions and unique Kashmiri Pandit festivals in our old Kashmiri traditional /as per Sanatan dharma.



a) By expanding our Social circle
b) By Caring for each other; Mutual care is the only ray of hope for our survival in exile.



Physically, intellectually and financially as these are the pillars of our identity.


What is the aim of Satisar Foundation?

The aim of Satisar Foundationis is to Propagate and Promote the cultural values of Kashmiri Pandits which have passed down to us from our ancestors. Our cultural Ethos includes every thing related to our living


Is the Kashmiri culture separate from the rest of india?

No, In fact the kashmiri pandit culture forms the foundation rock of our national culture of pre vedic and vedic culture because the kashmiri pandits follow the pre vedic ( sruti & samriti ) and vedic cultural moorings of indian ethos even before they were revealed in written form and these pactices are being followed till date by the Smarta Brahmans ( followers of Panch dev Puja system) despite the latest forced desplacement.


What are the major points of Kashmiri Pandit Culture?

a) Kashmiri Pandit has developed the most ancient and able script for sanskrit known as Sharda Script.
b) Kashmiri Pandit follow 24 sanskars instead of 16 Sanskars for refinement of mind , body and soul.
c) Kashmiri Pandit has an indiginiously developed Daily rituals and pujas based upon the Tantra,Vaisnav and Shaive/Shakta traditions and are based upon Panch dev Puja System.
d) Kashmiri Pandit marriage system is the highest of vedic order wherein the Male & female are raised to the level of Gods and both become equals in status & life thereof.
e) Kashmiri Pandit calander system is the most ancient one which is known as Saptrishi samvat and we have entered into 5094 year of this Samvat.
f) Kashmiri Pandit follow 36 Tatvas instead of 25 Tatvas of human fundamentalsof evolution .
g) Kashmiri Pandit have their own history writing , We follow both left ¼oke½ as well as right (nf{k.k½ systems of knowledge /Practices.
h) The kashmiri social order i. e greh sutra are from the Kath dB branch of Krishna Yajurveda -'.k ;Tk%qosn compiled by Muni Logaksya.
i) This culture has shaped many scripts and religious structures of ancient China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Punjab among others.
j) This ancient culture has developed a exceptional school of Music, poetry, prose, Dance, Art, Shaivism, Shakta's, Tantra, cooking Manuals , Yoga, Meditation , Breath exercises, Kashmir Jyotish system & Ritual System.


What are the future plans?

1. Satisar has developed a Cultural/Ritual learing course of 10 stages with each stage consisting of rituals and refinements based upon our ancient culture/Rituals. The 1st. Stage (course) is titled as 1st. initiation and is to be shared as usual at all Kashiri Pandit points of convergences in (Android as well as Text version).
2. The Vatuk puja based upon the 12th day (Dwadahi) or 13th Day (Triyodashi) puja.
3. A complete on -line Panchangh i. e Jantri (Nakshatra patri) with Muhurat details.
4. Shiv Sutra for Students of all age groups (Audio as well as text version).
5. Updated edition of Janam Din Puja.
6. A master book containing all out of print and rare leelas and stotras.
7. Global workshops on rare Mantras & Stotra.
8. A compaign on shelving the Ghar Achun & other extravengious celebrations.
9. Taking up of the issue of panchangh errors with the Jantri Makers (process under way )
10. Navreh Greeting card with all important details.
11. Guru Titiya Blessing in shape of Printed material.
12. Simple Manual of Last Rites & Sradh Vidhi.
13. Increasing the No. of study centers /Classes.
14. Increasing the number of Products like Mekhla Sutra, Yogopavit Sutra, Darba grass,Vishthor & Pavitrak etc. For free availability at KP centres.
15. Simple puja Manul for Major KulDevi's & Esth Devi's of Kashmir

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