Cultural Tradition of Kashmiri Hindus

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SATISAR FOUNDATION, henceforth referred to as SATF would be a voluntary, non-profit, Socio-Cultural Organization constituted of upto eleven Directors. This Board of Directors (BOD) would choose the Chairman of the Foundation and a Secretary amongst the eleven Directors. The Chairman would head the Foundation and the Secretary would run the day to day business. SATISAR FOUNDATION would be incorporated initially by a Board of Directors whose names and signatures are attached to this Constitution. This Constitution would be ratified by this Board of Directors and would then proceed to elect a Chairman, a Secretary and Director Finance and Director Public Relations.

Executive Commitee

Every individual who believes & Practices the Kashmiri Pandit cultural way of life is member of this Family of Satisar Foudation.

By filling the form it shall be presumed that the member has to agree to abide by the Do's & Don'ts".

There is no Membership fee.

All members are equal in post & stature but each one need to work in his desirous field of activity. It can on Administrative,Workshops,Research,Financial or Organisation fields.


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