Cultural Tradition of Kashmiri Hindus

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SATISAR FOUNDATION, henceforth referred to as SATF would be a voluntary, non-profit, Socio-Cultural Organization constituted of upto eleven Directors. This Board of Directors (BOD) would choose the Chairman of the Foundation and a Secretary amongst the eleven Directors. The Chairman would head the Foundation and the Secretary would run the day to day business. SATISAR FOUNDATION would be incorporated initially by a Board of Directors whose names and signatures are attached to this Constitution. This Constitution would be ratified by this Board of Directors and would then proceed to elect a Chairman, a Secretary and Director Finance and Director Public Relations.

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Post Box 118, Head Post Office, Rani Talab, Jammu, J&K

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C/O 32-E, Shanker Vihar, Talab Tillo, Jammu-180002, J&K

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C/o:- 181 - A, Sector - 2
Pamposh Colony, Janipur, Jammu - 180007 (J&K)

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