Cultural Tradition of Kashmiri Hindus

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SATISAR FOUNDATION, henceforth referred to as SATF would be a voluntary, non-profit, Socio-Cultural Organization constituted of upto eleven Directors. This Board of Directors (BOD) would choose the Chairman of the Foundation and a Secretary amongst the eleven Directors. The Chairman would head the Foundation and the Secretary would run the day to day business. SATISAR FOUNDATION would be incorporated initially by a Board of Directors whose names and signatures are attached to this Constitution. This Constitution would be ratified by this Board of Directors and would then proceed to elect a Chairman, a Secretary and Director Finance and Director Public Relations.

Aims And Objectives

We have suffered in the past, we are suffering in the present and God alone Knows how long this suffering shall still last. Not all the factors of this suffering are within our control. Yet we are confident that our perseverance, resilience and commitment to safe guard our socio-cultural ethos shall crown us with victory. So 'Satisar Foundation" resolved to strengthen our social order that would help us in preserving and promoting our age old values, culture, tradition and our unique identity.

Let us all Kashmiri Pandits, spread far and wide dispersed and in exile follow the unique tradition that has been passed onto us from our ancestors.

Satisar has earmarked 5 point Goals as priority at Social level. So, Let us follow the social code which defines our Aims & objectives as follows:-




a) By conversing in Kashmiri with our children and encouraging them to learn,speak and interact in Kashmiri.
b) By interacting and speaking with our fellow community brethren in Kashmiri.



a) By imbibing a sense of pride in our unique social, cultural and spiritual tradition.
b) By maintaining our age old social marital order and promoting and encouraging marriages within the fold.



a) By following the indigenous scientific lunar calendar in observing rituals, festivals special occasions etc.
b) By celebrating birthdays, rituals, religious occasions and unique Kashmiri Pandit festivals in our old Kashmiri traditional /as per Sanatan dharma.



By expanding our Social circle and by caring for each other; Mutual care is the only ray of hope for our survival in exile.



Physically, intellectually and financially as these are the pillars of our identity.


These aims objectives shall lead us to a point level where we shall be able to establish a focal point of all of our socio-cultural activities ?

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