About us

Located in sylvan environs, Sacred Heart Public School has a modern infrastructure required for a successful learning and training centre. Its aim is the physical, moral, psychological and spiritual development of its students through scientific and yogic principles and techniques. The vision of the school is to make its students multi-talented, self-reliant and self-assured in their life. The school seeks to promote a traditional guru-disciple relationship between the teachers and the students. Our mission is to produce fully awakened and conscious scholars who can contribute their bit in establishing and maintaining peace, harmony and prosperity in the society.

Our Vision

Sacred Heart Public School is committed to empowering every student to achieve academic excellence and holistic personality development.

Our Mission

To create possibilities and space for mentors and students to learn and grow in a conducive learning environment and introduce meaningful measures to enable them to emerge as better members of the society.

Our Philosophy

The school firmly believes in realizing every word communicated by any means to any and every stakeholder into reality and the school works continuously and effortlessly to bring about significant changes.

Jammu Music Akademy, based in the campus of Sacred Heart Public School at Purkhoo Camp, Domana, Jammu is a parallel initiative of Visakhapatnam-based Tarakeshwara Foundation to promote Indian classical music and dance. Both the initiatives have been founded by Swami Jnanaprabhu (Sehdev Singh), native of Jammu, based in Visakhapatnam. Tarakeshwara Foundation started this initiative on 25th May, 2014 and has so far (till 31st January, 2023) completed 271 programmes including 159 music concerts,67 dance recitals and 45 exhibitions. While its present regular venue is ANNAMAYYA Vedika on the R.K.Beach Road in Visakhapatnam, it has organised its programmes in other parts of India including Badrinath,Rameshwaram, Trivandrum, Jammu and Kathua. Jammu Music Akademy began its initiative on 21st April, 2022. Since then, JMA has organised 3 music concerts, 4 dance recitals and 2 exhibitions.

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