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Jungle Gali Treks

Sukhal Gali

Sukhalgali trek (home of the winds) sukhalgali as the name suggests is a mountain pass that connects junglegali in udhampur district to tote area of Reasi district .villagers have been using this pass for centuries as there was no road connectivity to these areas 2-3 years ago when you see sukhalgali from junglegali you feel like suddenly you have reached somewhere in baderwah. It is covered with thick forest and having alitude of approximately 7500 feet from the sea level which is quite higher than patnitop the popular tourist destination of jammu having altitude of 6500 feet. It is a very brezy place and most of the time covered with clouds.If you stay or camp here you can feel like listening to the wind music from youtube or other stremimg app. It's an altogether a different experience. Here is a famous temple of kalka mata which is worshipped by locals. It's a trek of almost 2 hr from junglegali and is covered by snow in the winters for 3-4 months which makes it too a perfect place for snow trek.




Saroli trek starts from junglegali which is approximately 60 kms from jammu only. One can reach junglegali by road in a duration of 1 hr 15 minutes approximately. It is a 5 km trek from junglegali passing through pine forests and beautiful meadows. Saroli lies between the Trikuta mountains and nsthatop/patnitop mountains. It is a mountain top with an elevation of 10000 feet approximately.one can site 4 major cities from here jammu, udhampur,katra,and reasi from a single place which is absolutely amazing. The beauty of saroli is at utmost in monsoon season as it the home of clouds in that season as it is the home of clouds in that season and in winters it is covered by snow for almost 4 to 5 months which makes is perfect for snow trekking also. The night view from saroli top to below is marvellous as one can the 4 cities far below and here you are enjoying bonfire with friends in the midst of summers. Its a on top of the world kind of feeling watching those cities glimpsing and you are enjoying the nature at its best far way from the stressful and hustling city life. Being so close to jammuites can especially can visit this place frequently to rejuvenate themselves and make a work life balance. It is the need of the hour to give yourself a break sometimes from thw world and be one with the mother nature to excel in relative fields. Saroli is named on the local diety saroli mata and its is surronded by panchari on one side from jasssrkote and even one can also go from mongri to gori mitti to trek saroli.



Surya Kund

Suryakund trek (for dare devil's) you might be hearing the name of this place very first time but you will be amazed to know that all of the jammuites have seen this place a number of times as this is the top of none other than our own Trikuta mountains. This is one of the highest altitude peak approximately 12000 feet that too so near to jammu. If that high altitude peak was in another state it must had been developed already as a tourist place, trekking or for adventure climbing. This can be a hot spot for the climbers from all over India and even international climbers as this is a very steep and rocky mountain. But no worries here comes cloud camps and treks to help you explore this unexplored peak so that in your old age while passing through jammu udhampur highway or even from the terrace of almost every home of jammu you can tell your grand children that you had been to this place and you had the dare and wil to atleast climb the highest own peak of jammu. O ne can trek suryakund from junglegali to via sukhalgali. One can reach junglegali by road which is approximately 60 km from jammu. It takes two days to trek suryakund up and down from jungle gali. This place is not for the faint hearted only people with the nerves of steel must attempt this trek as it is a rocky mountain with thousand feets steep at some places.

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