1. Admission shall be made at the direction of the Principal keeping in view the availability of seats in the class and capacity of the child to fit into the course of the school. The child has to qualify the entrance test. However, there is no such test for Nursery class.
2. No student will be admitted to the school without a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended and counter signed by a competent authority of the education department. Students admitted in KG classes too will have to produce copy of Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation.
3. For the withdrawal of a student from the school, one month's notice, in writing shall have to be given to the office.
4. Discharge certificate will be issued only after recovering dues and the term fees in full.
5. Every scholar is expected to attend Morning Assembly regularly.
6. Every student is required to come to school in clean and proper prescribed uniform on all days and to school functions whenever required by the School Authority.
7. In order to qualify themselves appearing in the Board Examination, every scholar must attend at least 75% lectures delivered in each subject.
8. Irregular attendance, habitual inattention to school work, obscenity in work or act, cheating or any misconduct, any misbehavior considered by the Principal/In charge not suitable to the good tone and general good of the offender. No mobile phones are allowed to students & phones found will be impounded & strict disciplinary action would be taken.
9. Any kind of damage done to the school property shall be made good by the student. Scribling on furniture or on walls is strictly forbidden.
10. No child can leave the school during school hours without the permission of the Principal/In charge of the school and that too if the student presents a written application from his or her parents / guardian.
11. Parents are required not to disturb the class during school hours. Parents Teachers meeting are arranged during the course of the year and when necessary at other times an appointment can be made on working Saturday.
12. Students are expected to take care of their books, notebooks and personal belongings.
13. Students should keep the school and the class rooms clean and throw the waste in dustbins only.
14. Any student suffering from the infectious disease must observe the period of vacations as prescribed by the Doctors and student returning to school after suffering from such a disease should produce Doctor's certificate permitting him/her to do so.

School Timings

Summer: 7:20 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.


Winter: 8:10 a.m. t o 2:10 p.m

School Fees

1. Admission fee has to be paid once at the time of admission along with school fee.
2. School fee shall has to be paid monthly in advance by the 10th of each month. There will be 10% discount given to the elder child in case two or more children from the same family are studying in our school.
3. Those who fail to pay by 10th of every month shall be fined Rs. 5/day-by 15th and Rs. 10/day- till 20th of each month. No fees shall be accepted after 20th.
4. Only those pupils who have paid the school fees will be permitted to appear for the examination in March

School Uniform

The School has separate summer and winter uniform besides PT dress and white uniform. Parents can collect the school uniform from our registered vendor as follows: SHI School Uniforms
Opposite Nidheesh Appartments
Trikuta-Channi Link Road,
Trikuta Nagar Extention,Jammu
Mob: 9419195704


The school year which begins in April, comprises of two terms: April to September and October to March. The curriculum has been framed as per the directives of the State Board of Secondary Education, Jammu. The senior section of the school comprises classes VI to X and the subjects offered are as follows: English, Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, History and Geography, Physical Education, Arts/Craft/Music, value Education, Computer Science, General Knowledge. classes XI to XII and the subjects offered are as follows: Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Arts.