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Banquet Hall

We have a large banquet hall that can accomodate a gathering of about 150 people with proper sitting and dining arrangements. You have the luxury of picking our hall which would definitely suit your requirements.

Based on which, in-house event planners will help customise packages of services and activities that would cater specifially to your needs. Count on us for smooth business travel and events that are pulled off perfectly from start to finish.

You've waited a lifetime for this special day. Now begin planning it, the Surya Hotel provides a perfect location, experienced staff, and attention to all the details that will make your wedding events unique.

The Surya Excellency Hotel understands that it is more than a ceremony. It presents more than just the wedding venues. It offers the perfect setting for your dream day. Whether you want a small intimate event or a true wedding bash, we are committed to transform your dream wedding into reality. The Surya Excellency Hotel takes pride in offering three exceptional services for your wedding: space, support and expertise. The hotel has several choices of indoor and outdoor spaces for a wedding venue.