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Our aim has always been to provide the state of the art eye care facility to the people. We offers best clinical and service quality that our Clinic has made a lot of progress, adding newer techniques and technology in the ever expanding field of Ophthalmology. Sachdeva Netralaya is provides advanced diagnostic and specialist services in all aspects of Ophthalmology under one roof. Total refractive solutions for all. Sachdeva Netralaya is well known and respected for our refractive practice and efforts in direction to offer spectacle independence. With advanced technologies like Lasik, Phakic IOL, Multifocal IOL implantation, we are equipped to offer freedom from spectacles & contact lenses to the patients from all age groups.

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Our Specialization


Dense, cloudy areas that slowly form in the lens of the eye. They are common in older people.


The Vitreoretinal Service at Sachdeva Netralaya offers expertise in the diagnostic, medical and surgical retina.


Lasik Laser is a procedure which is carried out with rays of light. It corrects widerange of eye sight.


At Sachdeva Netralaya, we have a dedicated team of cornea specialists.


Optical treatment is a passive form of binocular therapy.


Glaucoma is a disease that damages your eye's optic nerve.

Kids Eye Strain Center

Kids Eye strain is bad for the eyes, but it's particularly tough on the eyes of a child.


Orthoptic are the experts in diagnosing and treating defects in eye movement.

Dry Eye Evaluation and Treatment