Fee Structure

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Fee Structure for Online PTE and IELTS Classes:

Registration Fee: This is a one-time fee payable at the time of registration to secure your spot in the online classes.

Course Fee The course fee covers the cost of the online classes and study materials for PTE or IELTS. It may vary depending on the duration of the course, the level of preparation required, and the reputation of the institution or coaching center.

Mock Test Fees: Mock tests are an essential part of PTE and IELTS preparation. The fee structure may include a separate charge for mock tests, which simulate the actual exam conditions and provide valuable feedback on your performance.

Study Material Fees: Additional study materials such as textbooks, practice books, audio CDs, or online resources may be provided as part of the course. Some institutions may include the study material fee within the overall course fee, while others may charge it separately.

Online Platform or Software Fee: If the online classes are conducted through a dedicated learning platform or software, there may be a separate fee associated with its usage. This fee covers the cost of accessing the online classes, interactive tools, and resources provided by the platform.

Support Services Fee: Some institutions may offer additional support services such as personalized feedback on practice tests, one-on-one coaching sessions, or essay evaluations. If you opt for these services, there may be an additional fee.
Exam Registration Fee: The fee structure may not include the cost of registering for the actual PTE or IELTS exam. The exam registration fee is typically paid directly to the respective exam conducting authorities.

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