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Mission & Vision - (Onward And Upward)

This Is Mission Statement Of KC Gurukul Public School
The mission of KC Gurukul Public School Paloura is to create and maintain a learning environment that fosters in students the ability to make choices based upon well reasoned strategies; to gain an appreciation for learning as a lifelong process and to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a diverse, ever changing world. Statement of Philosophy K.C Gurukul Public School will provide the fundamentals of literacy, communication, and mathematical applications for students to succeed in their later studies and/or working lives. Students will develop global awareness, civic responsibility and critical thinking skills to respond and adapt to the changes of the 21st century. Purpose The fundamental purpose of the KC Gurukul Public School Paloura is to encourage each student to develop his/her intellectual, social, and personal qualities in order to participate fully in an interconnected community – be it local or global. Intellectually, students need to develop: The capacity for learning how to learn The ability to analyze and evaluate complex issues, problems, and events The skills needed to utilize changing knowledge and solving problems Personally, students need to develop: A respect and acceptance of self A commitment to individual integrity and responsibility Respect for the fundamental moral values necessary in a multi-ethnic world
Socially, students need to develop: A commitment to democratic principles Respect for individual and cultural differences A capacity for empathy.

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