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Director's Message

Schools are one of the most vital social institutions in any advanced society. How well they work is a concern for teachers, parents, politicians, employers and most of all, pupils. For this reason, the effectiveness of our institute is indeed the most pragmatic requirement. Mind Power Institute is the important and promising jewel in the region. The institute has delivered and is still delivering excellent performance. Our institute is now serving its purpose with its vision and motive. It is definitely propagating a holistic and all inclusive message for development of humanity in the society. May God bless, all the members of staff, students, parents and well-wishers of Mind Power Institute with His special grace. All the Best......

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To march forward persistently, one's journey must be laden with purpose. Mind Power Institute shall continue to utilize material and intellectual resources and evolve a social temperament in the name of service to the nation and humanity at large.


We encourage individuals to test scientific knowledge and the extent of its application in the real world, thereby inculcating a competitive spirit that helps one adapt to contemporary challenges.


In realizing our mission, we hold the necessity of progress as paramount. Our direction is futuristic and transitional. We believe this forward-sightedness plays an instrumental role for any institution to stand firm ground.


We strive towards achieving the highest peaks in the field of education by addressing aspirations of the hour and career ambitions of the day.


To help develop a natural tenacity to grasp academic concepts, master its content, experiment with methodology and apply complex approaches in a meticulous manner.

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