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A trained actor and screenplay writer from UCLA, Los Angeles, USA – Bobby (Rakesh Kumar Gupta alias Rakesh Anand) has worked in many Stage and TV programs in the capacity of an actor, writer and producer. He is the first person from his home state of Jammu and Kashmir, India who ever tried to make it big in Hollywood. Well, everything was going fine with Bobby in USA… but his faith in astrology shattered his dreams.

Bobby had left USA with the hope (because of his faith in astrology) that he would achieve success in Hollywood when he returns back – but Bobby could never go back to his dreamland! Anyway, after some years when (out of curiosity) Bobby started learning astrology, he got suspicious about its validity. He studied research work of many scientists and researchers on astrology who had proved that astrology does not actually work ....

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‘I congratulate Rakesh Anand for writing this eye-opener book entitled “Astrology Tested Fake” and wish that this book sells very well so that Rakesh’s message reaches the maximum number of people…’

Dev Anand

(Evergreen Indian Actor, Writer, Producer and Director)

‘In the Vedas, astrology (Jyotish) has been defined with respect to astronomical events such as Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, movement of Earth and other planets, etc. There is no mention in the Vedas which suggests that there is any effect of the movements of planets on humans and other living beings…’

Baba Ramdev

(Internationally renowned Indian Yoga Teacher)

‘There is no mention of astrology (phalit jyotish) in any religion of the world and can never be. If there were any truth in astrology, there would not have been any poor, hungry or violent person…’

Aacharya Sukhdev Arya Tapasvi

(Renowned Veda Scholar/Orator)