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Welcome to Angurana Biradari Management Committee

As the president of Angurana biradari management committee. I strongly believe that it's our duty and responsibility to give back to the society in which we live. Our management have strong message for the various purpose, to do something for the growth and upliftment of our biradari in various segments. We are uplifting the society by spreading education to hundreds of students by opening D.T.M convent high school at village Ratnal jammu. We are giving free education to needy, orphan and downtrodden students.



Dear Angurana Family,
Jai Dati Di

We are destined to support our Angurana Baradari and downtrodden communities with adequate care, protection and rehabilitation. Our collective efforts will make Dati Todi maa ji darbar a single spiritual destination for every angurana family to visit from all over the globe. We are committed to provide every facility on the holy eve of annual and half yearly (congregation) of Dati maa ji.

Our School